Candidate's Statement

Who is Dilano Sally?

PPC EDA Scarborough - Rouge Park, Dilano Sally

Dear Friends,

Scarborough Rouge Park has been my home for the past 12 years and is only a 15 minute drive to my work place, also located in Scarborough, where I have been working in a private sector marketing organization for over 2 decades in the field of Promotional Advertising.

I am excited about the opportunity to represent you and address your issues and concerns as the member of parliament in a People's Party of Canada government in Ottawa. But I’ll need your help.

The October Federal Election will be regarded as a Crossroad Election, where the future of the country will be dependent on its outcome. Therefore, I earnestly appeal to you to carefully consider the path that we are heading towards and vote for a party that truly represents our Canadian values.

As a longstanding resident of this riding and leading a very average lifestyle, I have lived through the various issues facing you today, including the fear of parents for their children, the steady increase in the cost of living, high taxation including the Carbon Tax, lack of incentives for small business owners, scarcity of good paying jobs, poor healthcare with longer wait times, education not being geared to employment, a crumbling infrastructure, unaffordable housing and the poor treatment of our veterans...and many more.

The People's Party's election platform is the ONLY one that directly addresses ALL of the issues above, and many more, because our leader, Maxime Bernier, and I are not afraid to confront these issues directly and do not pander to particular interest groups or communities.  

One of the main reasons that I have chosen to embark on this journey in politics has been the mismanagement of our country by the present Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau and the steady erosion of our democratic rights and freedoms.

Most importantly, I believe, we must not be intimidated by political correctness. We must be allowed to express our hopes and fears for our country.

You and I disagree with Justin Trudeau and his Liberals in the manner in which they are ideologically motivated to change Canada not for the better, nor in keeping true to those values that in the past made our country an exemplar for the rest of the world to follow.

You and I agree that we urgently need a government in Ottawa that genuinely, and without any apology, represents Canadians. This begins, for you and me, in Scarborough Rouge Park. Let us work together to make this happen.